What the Colour of your Flowers Mean


There is an element of purity in white. Whether this is the purity of a bridal bouquet or the pure feeling and completeness shown at a funeral, the symbolic meaning of flowers that come in rich white show reverence and innocence better than any other.

White breathes a touch of heaven in its petals. Not only is there heaven in white roses; there is also innocence that one can only find in this flower. If only everyone could shine with the pure, innocent look that white roses hold. Next time you look at an assortment of flowers notice the white ones, the ones that hold and maintain the beauty of the rest.


Whereas red is the colour of deep and abiding love, pink is red’s youthful counterpart. The meaning of pink flowers is one of innocent happiness. At once caring and also carefree, pink flowers allow you to show love more filial than romantic.

Use pink when the meaning of your flowers needs a buoyant touch. Just as the meaning of flowers is important the name of flowers is just as important. There are some great names for pink roses that range in all the different shades. We have the Anna, Ariana, Briazur, Cadillac, Cascaya, Charming Unique, Diplomat, Exotica, Femma, Vision, Clear Ocean, Sterling 95. It seams as though this list could go on and on. However it is important to know that the shade of the flower is important.


Peach offers a little more friendship than the cutesy romance of a straight pink flower. Mixed with orange and yellow, peach confirms gratitude and tender feeling. On its own, the meaning of flowers in this fleshier tone is at once gentler and stronger in thankfulness.

Friendship is the true meaning of peach flowers. This flower is more of the flower you get that friend who has always been there for you, and you are trying to figure out someway to say thank you. Not only does this flower appeal to the friendship, it also strengthens it. Next time you feel like you need to fix a few things in a friendship start out by giving one a peach rose.

Looking at peach there seems to only be one shade right? Meaning of flowers is stuck on this rose, how is it supposed to come out with just one shade? Well, actually you’d be surprised how many different shades there are for that one colour. Learn how to say thank you with your pick of Aphrodita, Donna, Melody, Ossiana, Versilia, Caramel, and Dumka. These flowers make any thank you an unforgettable one.


Love, above all else, is the symbolic meaning of flowers ranging from crimson to scarlet and back. Brighter reds reveal devoted passion. The deeper the red, the deeper the meaning.

Whether this is love born of beauty, fire, or courage, red is the colour to have. The first is Red Berlin, this nickname illustrates the type of passion one has. Red Berlin is a tomato red rose, this shouldn’t be all that surprising considering all that comes to mind when you think of Red Berlin. The second name given to red roses is Black Magic. This nickname has been given to a dark burgundy rose.


Nothing dispels gloom like yellow—not even pink—and the happiness, new life, and smiles carried by a yellow bouquet banish all things melancholy. Yellow in a flower arrangement enlivens the rest of the colours. Trading out romance for simple, ordinary cheer, yellow has one of the brightest symbolic meanings of flowers. There are so many different ways to cheer up someone with all the yellow types of roses.

Might we add to stay away from the Hocus Pocus rose, which does have yellow spots on dark burgundy petals, but this isn’t the type of yellow we want to give. No the best yellow roses are: Aalsmeer Gold, Concorde, Emblem, Golda, Judy, Message, and Papillion.


Green ties in with nature and health. A standalone green bouquet conveys a regenerative quality, incorporating youth and fortune into the symbolic meaning of these flowers. Mixed in with other flowers, the same story carries on.

Green is optimistic; green is alive; green is refreshing. Rejuvenate your bouquet with the uncommon beauty of green. Let someone you know about their health and hope that they will stay strong with green roses, there aren’t that many different shades of green roses, but the few we know of are: Jade Rose, Chartreuse Rose, Lime Sublime Rose, and Green Ice. All though green roses may plentiful, there are only a few types of green roses. This is quite the meaning of flowers.


Purple has always been the colour of royalty. Since you won’t be giving flowers to kings and queens any time soon, you can think of the symbolic meaning of flowers in this hue as deep respect and admiration.

Success and noble bearing, even without noble titles, deserve the recognition of